Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize biderman's chart

Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize biderman's chartBiderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize biderman's chartTo find more videos from
Goddess Madam Violet
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Studio:Goddess Madam Violet
Length:23 minutes
step of any abuGODDESS! Isolate the victSLAVE from everyone and everything else. Shrink his word down and make Yourself the CENTRE of it.Ill even let you CUM, for now at leastContains: mesmerise. Mental domination, manipulation, NLP, goddess worship, sensual domination, cleavage and tit worship, female domination, femdom pop, SNAPS, countdowns, cum countdown, post trance commands, slave training, masturbation encouragement, JOI, powerful woman, men following orders.Sent from my iPhone Bidermans Chart is a how-to manual for a power hungry Goddess like Myself. It is full of words so dangerous that they are banned from use on this platform. Why? Because...
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