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foot on the groin while London uses her scissors, rendering Scott completely helpless when they decide to double team him. Several types of cuts, ankle chokes, chokes, camel clutches, arm pulls, foot on groin, face To fight Scott, Kydy brings along her sister London. They first wrestle with him individually, and then later on decide to double team him. There was plenty of trash talk as Scott said London could not beat him. They both apply excruciating scissors and chokes to him, and when they decide to double team, Kody uses her foot on groin and London applies her scissors to render Scott completely powerless. Ankle chokes, chops, camel clutch, arm pull, foot on groin, face There is plenty of trash talk between Kody and her sister London as she takes on Scott individually, then they decide to team up against him. Scott claims London has no chance against him. During the double team, Kody applies excruciating scissors and chokes, while London uses her scissors so that Scott is completely rendered helpless. In addition to...
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